Patricia Turker

Independent National Sales Director with Mary Kay.

Inner Circle NSD 11 times since 2007

Member of the 7 Million Dollar Club

Number 5 NSD in the U.S. for the year 2017

Patricia was born on Long Island, New York.

Became acquainted first with Mary Kay as her mother’s assistant in 1988.

Had the honor and privilege to meet Mary Kay Ash while she was at seminar with  her mother.

Patricia was Mentored and Trained by Mary Kay Ash 31 times. 

Earned the right to use of her first Pink Cadillac at the early age of 19 years old.

Has never paid for a car loan or insurance since she received her first Pink Cadillac and today she has the right to use of a Pink Cadillac Escalade

At the age of 23, Patricia achieved the Independent Executive Sales Director position.

At the age of 34 she debuted as a Senior National Sales Director having earned  a million dollar in commissions. 

Her personal team members who became National Sales Directors are:

§Rosibel Shahin, Senior NSD

  §Sonia Paez, Executive NSD

  §Gina Rodriguez, NSD

§Sonia Arriola. NSD


Her area has reached over $20 million dollars in sales in 2017

Currently she has 14 Nationals Sales Directors in her Family Con Cache.

She and her wonderful husband Ahmet together they have the privilege of working with over 14,000 Consultants in her Area.

Patricia has a natural talent for working both English and Spanish speaking markets due to her own bilingual background.  She has had the honor of teaching at an International Level at the following seminars in: Spain, Portugal, Russia and China. For the last 4 years she was invited by Mary Kay Inc. to teach New NSDs from all over the world through NSD Scholar Week in Dallas,

Her business area has expanded into the International markets of Colombia, Brazil, Spain, Mexico and Canada. 

Patricia and Ahmet have been on countless trips traveling to Greece, Italy, France, Austria, Germany, Hungary, Turkey, Ireland, England, Russia, Spain, Hawaii, Bermuda, Sweden, Denmark and China.

She is a proud Member of 6 Million Dollar Club and her highest Monthly Commission Check has been over $67,000.

Recently she had the honor of speaking at a Women Conference held at United Nations.

She is a true believer of hard work, and perseverance.