Imagine Building a Wall...

And with every brick you lay, a leader is born. Before long, you will have built a monumental force. With that much leadership power, with that much experience, you can't help but change the world. That's what it means to build Wall to Wall Leaders. Women standing shoulder to shoulder, rallying others to follow their lead to greatness, building their futures brick by brick. It's more than a mission. It's a movement.

Will you join the movement to be one of our Wall to Wall Leaders?

Here's how it works:

From Sept. 1, 2013, to Sept. 1, 2014, every Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant who debuts as an Independent Sales Director will earn her name on the Wall of Leaders at the Mary Kay world headquarters in Dallas.

And every Independent Sales Director and Independent National Sales Director who debuts an offspring Independent Sales Director will earn her name on the Wall of Leaders.

And that's not all you'll earn! As a Wall to Wall Leader, you'll also earn all the fantastic rewards bestowed on the Class of 2014. Plus, you'll receive an invitation to an ice cream social at Seminar 2014.


I laid down my first brick in October 13...and do the oppening for my area..!


Congrats New Directors

We celebrated our new directors debut at Limani restaurant in Long Island NY. Congratulations Anna Papavasilopoulos and Jenny Ortiz. Kally Vandoros, congratulations are in order for you, now you have 2 Directors!


Workshop Family Con Cache Promo!


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Retreat was Fun!

Area Con Cache Retreat 2013 Greek Directors played this little skit about how fun their weekly Success Meetings are. in this video; Kally Vandoros as Christina Ladikos and Jenny Ortiz as Kally Vandoros...


This video is about Retreat 2013 Fun Colombian. Consuelo Piqueras and her Future NSD Area play this story on Mary Kay Career. Featuring; Consuelo Piqueras, Ruth Martinez, Ingrid Lopez, Angie Cortez, Olga Cadavid, Marcela Toro...


NSD Trip 2013



Seminar 2013 Photos


Double August!!!


Watch me grow!

New contest from MK to grow fast in the new year.

Grow your unit and earn great rewards plus extra recognition at Leadership 2014. Independent Sales Directors will be rewarded atLeadership 2014 for increasing the size of their units by thirteen percent each month during the challenge period. A minimum of 24 unit members will be required to achieve the Watch Me Grow goal.

Desarrolla tu unidad y gana estupendas recompensas, además de reconocimiento extra en la Conferencia de Liderazgo 2014.Las Directoras de Ventas Independientes recibirán una recompensa en la Conferencia de Liderazgo 2014 por incrementar el tamaño de sus unidades un 13 por ciento cada mes durante el periodo del concurso. Un mínimo de 24 integrantes de unidad se requieren para logar la meta Mírame crecer y recibir recompensas.

Rewards and Recognition

Each Independent Sales Director who completes her Watch Me Grow goal at least five of the six months from July 1 to Dec. 31, 2013, will receive a name badge ribbon and standing recognition at Leadership 2014. Plus, she'll receive an invitation to the coveted Prize Party at Leadership 2014, where she will receive a dazzling necklace to match her beautiful 2013-2014 Independent Sales Director suit.

Know Your Goals!

New goals will be calculated each month and tracked by each Independent Sales Director on Mary Kay InTouch®. The thirteen percent monthly unit goal will be calculated based on nonterminated unit members as of the beginning of each month.** Please note that the monthly goal should be rounded to the nearest whole number.

For NEW Independent Sales Directors who debut during the contest period, their first month's goals will be based on their debuting units' size. Plus, new Independent Sales Directors will be required to meet their goals the following number of months in order to qualify for the above recognition.

Recompensas y reconocimiento.

Cada Directora de Ventas Independiente que cumpla con la meta de Mírame crecer en por lo menos cinco de los seis meses entre el 1 de julio al 31 de Dic. de 2013, recibirá una cinta para el gafete y reconocimiento de pie en la Conferencia de Liderazgo 2014. Además, recibirá una invitación para la prestigiosa Fiesta de Premios en la Conferencia de Liderazgo 2014, en donde recibirá un hermoso collar a juego con su bello traje de Directora de Ventas Independiente.

¡Conoce tus metas!

Las nuevas metas se calcularán cada mes y cada Directora de Ventas Independiente les dará seguimiento en Mary Kay InTouch®. La meta de unidad mensual del 13 por ciento se calculará en base al número de integrantes de unidad sin status terminado al principio de cada mes**. Nota que cada meta mensual debe ser redondeada al número entero más cercano.

Para las NUEVAS Directoras de Ventas Independientes que debuten durante le periodo del concurso, sus primeras metas mensuales serán en base al tamaño de su unidad debutante. Además, las nuevas Directoras de Ventas Independientes tendrán que cumplir con sus metas en los siguientes meses para poder calificar para el reconocimiento mencionado.

Si debutaste:

Debes lograr:

1 de agosto de 2013

4 de 5 meses

1 de Sept. de 2013

3 de 4 meses

1 de Oct. de 2013

2 de 3 meses

1 de Nov. de 2013

1 de 2 meses

1 de Dic. de 2013

1 de 1 meses

If you debut:

You must achieve:

Aug. 1, 2013

4 out of 5 months

Sept. 1, 2013

3 out of 4 months

Oct. 1, 2013

2 out of 3 months

Nov. 1, 2013

1 out of 2 months

Dec. 1, 2013

1 out of 1 month